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About Visma Connect

Data is today’s most valuable resource. With digitisation increasing around the world, it’s becoming imperative for societies to have a safe, fast and verifiable means to share data for different purposes. Visma Connect is at the heart of this transformation. Just as energy companies provided the infrastructure to power the industrial revolution, Visma Connect is the utility company of the digital society.


Our mission is to empower citizens, companies and governments through secure, efficient and qualified digital information exchange worldwide. We do this by designing, building, connecting, analysing and managing information chains and data sharing ecosystems for the public, healthcare, logistics and financial sectors.


A digital society in which citizens, businesses and governments can interact, conduct business and share information in the certainty that their data arrives safely at the intended recipient and is only used and analysed according to the permissions that the owner of the data granted.

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Public Sector

Governments today are no strangers to digital transformation. They need to combine modern-day efficiency in communication with relevant policy making and accountability. Citizens and companies expect faster decision-making, but also privacy and security. Since our inception, Visma Connect has been a pioneer in qualified messaging and smart information exchange. We facilitate efficient, secure and standardised data exchange for the Dutch government and the state of Florida, among others, through our Standard Business Reporting services. Today, we have standard definitions (Taxonomies) that make it easier not only for companies to submit their reports, but for government agencies to collaborate with each other.

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In healthcare, medical breakthroughs and technological advances are driving an increasing demand for information exchange as well. All the while, patients are expecting more speed, convenience and ease. This requires the sharing of medical records and thus, cooperation across the treatment chain. Security and privacy are essential, but in life and death situations an emergency data sharing function can be crucial to waive the need for consent when the patient is unable to grant it. We will play an increasingly important role in this industry, thanks to our expertise in content-based routing, identity and authorization solutions and our unique chain integration platform.

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In logistics, there is an increasing demand for transportation. Global supply chains operate 24/7, distributing goods and services across the globe. Disruptions are hardly ever localised now. Just like the flow of goods, disruptions spread like wildfire. This calls for visibility across the chain. The 24/7 supply chain is also taking a toll on the environment and creating more traffic congestion in cities. Initiatives like iSHARE, where we facilitate and maintain a data sharing framework, are paramount to drive efficiency, optimise logistics flows, and reduce carbon emissions. Reshoring, 3D printing and other new approaches in manufacturing call for new, specialised supply chains that rely on data rather than wheels.

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Financial Services

Financial services are also in upheaval. Banks are under pressure due to rising competition from fintech and big tech players. They are facing increasing regulation, while relying largely on legacy systems. It’s becoming increasingly important to share and screen data in real-time. To financial services companies we offer business reporting, taxonomies, sustainability reporting and trusted messaging

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In all of these industries, building trust is extremely important. Visma Connect is extremely well-positioned to facilitate data sharing in a trustworthy manner. We have the building blocks for reliability and security. We have the solutions to carry our societies into the future.


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