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Visma Connect was founded as EBPI in 2006. It all started at a kitchen table in the Dutch city of Gouda, where a small but enthusiastic team of programmers and IT specialists were looking for a secure way to share important information.

EBPI was acquired by Visma Group in 2019 and is now called Visma Connect. Our mission to guarantee safe information exchange has stayed true throughout the years and is more important than ever, with the digitization of business processes and information growing at a rapid pace.

Governments, companies, financial institutions and their customers - citizens and corporations alike - share large amounts of information with each other. From payments, tax returns and official documents to customs information. In all of these cases, information must be accurate and only accessible to the right person. Unauthorized access by others poses a large risk.

Since early 2006, Visma Connect has been involved in some of the most important projects in the field of safe and reliable information exchange. In the Netherlands, we have been behind the government’s Message Box App for secure digital notifications, as well as the Single Maritime Window. Visma Connect also builds Business Reporting Portals and is a major player in the field of payments. 

Advanced Technology

Currently, 170 highly trained software developers, testers, and architects work at Visma Connect.
Our deep technical knowledge combined with our drive for innovation ensures that we continuously improve. We choose methods and tools that make our work better and easier at every stage of the Software Delivery Lifecycle. We work with several JVM languages, such as Java and Scala, as well as proprietary and open source stacks. For platforms, we work with established products like DB2 and new components like Vert.x and OpenShift.


Visma Connect is part of Visma Group. A Norwegian company by origin, Visma Group was founded in 1996 and has become the leading European vendor of Software as a Service for eAccounting & Billing, Bank Connectivity, Order-to-Cash, Payroll, ERP, eGovernment and Payments Processing.
The Group operates in 16 European countries, serving more than 800,000 customers with 8,500 employees. In 2018, the Group reported a turnover of more than 1 billion euros. In the Netherlands, Visma Group is active as the following entities: RAET, Idella, Roxit, Pink Web applications, Pro-active software and Visma Connect.

For more information about Visma Group visit www.visma.nl

A Member of Nederland ICT /NL Digital

Visma Connect has been a member of Nederland ICT since June 1, 2014. Nederland ICT, also known as NL Digital, is a trade association of nearly 600 IT, internet, telecom and business services companies in the Netherlands. Eighty percent of the trade association is composed by small and mid-sized businesses, but the largest companies are also among the organization’s members. In the Netherlands, this sector generates a yearly turnover of thirty billion euros and counts more than 250,000 employees, producing 70% of the country’s innovations.

For more information about Nederland ICT visit www.nederlandict.nl

Contact us

Would you like to know what Visma Connect can do for your organization? You can reach us at 088-1161800 or send us an email at vco.info@visma.com.

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