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Defining a Future-Proof Strategy for Anti-Financial Crime: Looking Beyond Staffing New White Paper

New White Paper

The world of financial crime is murky and moves at high speed. Staying compliant is difficult in this environment. Banks face increasingly large fines and threats to their reputation. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex. There has never been a more important time to create a solid compliance strategy for anti-financial crime. So far, most banks have focused on hiring more people to tackle the problem. Many are still relying on older systems to execute compliance tasks. This may work in the short term. But with the world’s leading economies going cashless and new regulations like Instant Payments and PSD2 coming into effect, this approach will soon be difficult to support.

How can banks best perform their gatekeeper function? What kind of technologies and improvements can they adopt to make compliance more efficient and less costly? Our latest white paper explores the current landscape and how financial institutions can prepare for the future.

What’s inside?

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • The burden of compliance - from financial to human costs
  • Fighting financial crime with new technologies like AI
  • The importance of an integrated approach to fraud and anti-money laundering
  • How future developments like PSD2 and Instant Payments will impact compliance and make the use of technology imperative
  • How Visma Connect can help

The white paper is now available for download on Fintech Futures’s website. Get it here: Defining a Future-Proof Strategy for Anti-Financial Crime: Looking Beyond Staff