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The Most-Read Visma Connect blog posts of 2020

End of December: time for a retrospective. These were the 6 most-read Visma Connect blog posts of 2020.

  1. The need for standards in non-financial reporting: an interview with Robert Eccles. Founder of SASB, expert on integrated reporting and a leader on how companies and investors can create sustainable strategies.
  2. The importance of stewardship in corporate sustainability. A conversation with Nyenrode Business University Professor André Nijhof. Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship. André is passionate about meaningful work. Author of: Changing the Game: sustainable market transformation strategies to understand and tackle the big and complex sustainability challenges of our generation. 
  3. Implementing SSI: Comparing Uport, Sovrin and IRMA: In this post, Tim Janssen, our blockchain specialist, investigates how the various approaches to Self Sovereign Identity differ. 
  4. XBRL and AI: a bad marriage or a match made in heaven? Jan-Paul van der Velden explains how the XBRL standard has provided regulators with machine readable data. Now, they want to take it a step further and apply artificial intelligence on the data they receive.
  5. Visma Addo: Frequently Asked Questions. Earlier this year, we launched Visma Addo, our secure digital signature solution, in the Netherlands. In this post you’ll find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. 
  6. Visma Connect’s Contribution to Carbon Reporting and Accountability. The Dutch are setting new reporting standards with PCAF, the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials. This partnership aims to drive transparency and accountability, and facilitate a net zero carbon transition in the financial sector, in light of the Paris Climate Agreement. Coen Egberink, our MD, explains why Visma Connect is proud to contribute to this project.

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