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Compliant Digital Signatures with Lars Nygaard

Compliant digital signatures with Visma’s Lars Nygaard at future of payments event

Join us at the latest live event about payments in the Netherlands

It’s our pleasure to announce that Visma’s Lars Nygaard will speak about compliant digital signatures and KYC flows at the upcoming Future of Payments (Toekomst van het Betalingsverkeer) event in Amsterdam on October 1st, 2020. The event will take place at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Lars will be joined on stage by Tames Rietdijk, CEO at BusinessForensics.

Safe and compliant business transactions in a changing payments landscape

When we talk about payments, we talk about an industry in constant flux. Regulations have become increasingly stringent to prevent financial crime. Banks and other financial institutions must perform extensive KYC checks before signing contracts or accepting new customers. If the business transaction involves private persons, they must check whether they are politically exposed. If it involves companies, they must collect information about where they are located and who owns the shares.

Failure to comply with these due diligence checks can lead to heavy fines and harm the institution’s reputation. But collecting this information is typically a very manual and time-intensive process. It can take several weeks or months before an agreement is signed. That is why it’s important to digitize and harmonize sign and compliance processes.

Round Table hosted by BusinessForensics

Next to being a co-keynote speaker, Visma Connect Partner BusinessForensics, will also host a round-table at the event. Led by Koen Juffermans, the topic of the round-table discussion will be around one of the biggest challenges of technological change in the KYC field: Human versus Machine. An innovative system alone is not enough – you will also have to make your organization think, work, and train differently - from management to analyst. You will need to train your employees to be critical, strive for constant improvement, and understand data. Change management is one of the greatest challenges of today.

About the Speakers

Lars Nygaard is Product Manager at Visma Addo. Lars has worked at Visma for over 20 years. He has a talent for simplifying processes and a passion for solving daily problems with user-friendly IT. Lars Nygaard was responsible for implementing a KYC solution at one of the largest banks in the Nordics.

Tames Rietdijk is Chief Executive Officer at BusinessForensics. His area of expertise lies with Financial Crime Risk Management, Forensic investigations and Data analytics. He is responsible for the design and development of the various BusinessForensics propositions applicable for the banking, investment and insurance industries. He emphasizes the importance of sustainability in banking and finance and all his work is focused on improving the levels of control through responsiveness and resilience.

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