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Visma Connect successfully completes its CSR Audit and remains CSR-Performance Ladder Certified

The pursuit of social good has always been part of our DNA. From the beginning, our vision has been to become the infrastructure provider for the digital society, facilitating secure and qualified data exchange. Sustainability is a core principle behind this ambition, as digitisation reduces the need for paper in information flows. In 2017, we formalised our commitment to sustainability by obtaining the CSR-Performance Ladder certification.

Inspired by ISO 26000, the CSR-Performance Ladder certifies CSR management systems and makes our activities in this area more tangible, objective and verifiable. Three years later, we are proud to say we have officially passed the first audit after our initial certification! Not only do we comply with the standard, but we made great improvements compared to the first evaluation.

Performance highlights

The auditor made very positive observations about our team’s attitude. Everyone at Visma Connect has the intention to do good and is very aware of the impact our work has on our surroundings. Whether it’s services-related or through personal effort, we all want to improve society as a whole. Our company goals are also closely aligned with our CSR objectives. In particular, we take great care of our employees and consistently improve our work environment. We implemented a very well-received remuneration policy and provide growth paths for career development.

We devote considerable effort to sustainability as well. We use energy-efficient equipment, work mostly “paperless,” and, perhaps most importantly, help other organisations follow the same path. Just recently, for instance, we announced the launch of our Sustainability Platform, which helps companies standardise and streamline their sustainability reporting.

We are immensely proud to have succeeded in this audit and extend a big thank you to our team for their commitment and drive!

Visit this page to learn more about our CSR activities.

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