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Exploring the benefits of Integrations as a Service

Webinar: Exploring the benefits of Integrations as a Service

Nobody operates on an island. Today, integrations play a crucial role in facilitating reliable and secure data exchange between departments, from company to company or between companies and governments. As individuals, we may be hardly aware of it, but we use integrations nearly every day to make payments, file our taxes, and do our work efficiently.

For your organisation, developing these integrations in-house is often risky and expensive. It also distracts your core team from business-critical activities. Common pain points include:

  • Data silos, disparate systems and processes
  • A high TCO and complex life cycle management
  • Infrastructure maintenance and scalability

Join our webinar on Thursday, July 9, 2020 to find out how an Integration Services Platform helps you overcome these hurdles. The webinar will take place at 14.30 CEST. We will discuss the different flavours of integrations (Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation). Finally, we will address how Visma Connect’s Integration Platform can help you speed up time to market and reduce maintenance burdens with Integrations as a Service.


Kim Andersen

Visma Connect’s Kim Andersen, who leads our Integrations Tribe, will lead the presentation. Kim has 35 years of experience in the IT industry. He has led ambitious enterprise transformation projects with a focus on business outcomes. His core strength is mapping business needs to technology capabilities and designing the underlying architecture. Over the years, Kim has worked for companies like CGI and Tieto, the leading system integrators in the Nordics. Kim led cloud strategy transformation at both companies, resulting in large sales growth and an effective cloud-ready transition.

Hugo Herman de Groot

Kim will be joined “on stage” by Hugo Herman de Groot, Director of Sales and Marketing at Visma Connect. Hugo has more than three decades of commercial experience in IT. Before joining Visma Connect, he held sales roles at Sogeti, Cognizant, CapGemini, and Fujitsu. He has worked in application development outsourcing, infrastructure outsourcing and digital business solutions and automation, with a focus on business development and dealmaking. Hugo joined Visma Connect in 2019. He is passionate about teamwork and working towards the company’s shared mission to promote secure and
qualified information exchange.

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