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Blockchain based subsidy management solution for Flemish Government

In 2017, the regulations on nature management in Flanders were renewed and simplified. Previously, only the government and a number of recognized organizations could draw up a management plan for a nature reserve or forest. Now, these entities can participate actively in the process, provided they meet certain conditions and follow these optimized processes e.g. applying for subsidies which in the past can be complex and time-consuming. Visma Connect believes that this blockchain based solution is of added value when multiple parties work together in the same process, where there is then no longer a need to have a trusted central party.

Together with Visma Connect, the Agency for Nature and Forest will build a blockchain based application that uses blockchain technology. Visma Connect was one of the four parties that submitted a proposal to the public tender. The technical knowledge, the plan of approach, the SaaS model and the experience with managing complex environments were distinguishing characteristics compared to the other vendors.

The Flemish government wants to gain more experience with blockchain technology and stimulates and subsidizes projects in that area. The goal in this project is to arrive at an optimal ecosystem for nature and forest management in Flanders.
The assignment will be carried out in co-creation with the Agency for Nature and Forest and Information Flanders and published as open source.

“We’re very much looking forward to bringing this solution to production on behalf of the Vlaamse Overheid. From a Visma Connect perspective, it’s strategic as it brings us a new customer and relationship as well as the usage of cutting edge blockchain technologies for government solutions. We hope this production level operational solution will lead to more future efforts in this space.” – Coen Egberink, Managing Director Visma Connect 

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