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Our Services and Expertise

For over 12 years, Visma Connect has delivered efficient, secure and highly qualified digital and business-critical information exchange between organizations.

Banks, companies, entrepreneurs and governments trust Visma Connect with their most important asset: their information. They know that Visma Connect guarantees the secure delivery of this information, only to parties that are entitled to it. Reliability and security are built into everything we do.


Trusted Information Provider
Critical Payments Solutions
Integration Services



Facts and figures

Currently, 170 software developers, testers and architects work at Visma Connect.
Every year, we process

  • 824,000 financial statements;
  • 10.4 million SWIFT messages;
  • 23 million tax returns;
  • 80 million Single Window messages;
  • 82 million Message Box notifications;
  • 120 million messages from the logistics sector;
  • 73 million customs notifications.

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