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Integration Services

Decentralized and company-specific applications must be able to share information securely and reliably without undue access or modifications.

Visma Connect’s Integration Platform makes sharing and combining information flows simple. It’s GDPR compliant, efficient and reliable.

Critical Payments Solutions

Visma Connect is the only SWIFT service provider in the Netherlands and is SIP-certified. We launched our SaaS-based Critical Payments Solutions in 2018. This service includes SWIFTNet Connectivity and extensive integration options, including back-office payments processing for banks compliant with SEPA Instant Payments, Credit Transfer and Direct Debit, and PSD2 Payment Initiation Services. We also enable Account Information Services Processing and Bank-Connectivity for Third Party Providers.

Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) sets a standard for the digital exchange of business reports, ensuring that companies can access and report on structured information. It helps you make informed decisions based on real-time, validated data.

The Visma Connect SBR platform standardizes digital and unstructured data flows for governments, authorities and businesses. Our platform reduces administrative burdens and helps you turn data into insights. The platform provides authentication and data validation, both for system-to-system (S2S) or human-to-system (H2S) message traffic.

Visma Connect Box

The Visma Connect Box offers government bodies the modern convenience of digital communication, combined with the security of a safe. Data must be shared to be valuable, but not all data should be open to everyone. The Visma Connect Box is the place where important information and communication is stored, shared and verified by and only with those parties who are entitled to it.

The box is especially suitable for handling and processing permit applications and objections, verifying information from authorities, and providing legally-binding digital signatures for documents.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Data Science team is specialized in Artificial Intelligence. We help you gain new insights, make connections and recognize patterns in your data. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), we also provide you with new insights from large quantities of text files and documents.


Since 2006, Visma Connect is the go-to specialist in information reliability and security. Companies and governments alike trust our knowledge and solutions for their most important communication needs. With the rise of blockchain technology, a whole new world of opportunities has emerged for our clients to securely share information and accelerate collaboration.

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