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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence & Information flows

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are important trends with the potential to deeply change our society. Visma Connect is the market-leading provider of qualified information flows. We know better than anyone how important information is. We also know that privacy and confidentiality are paramount.

Visma Connect is a trusted partner for governments and companies that process and manage large amounts of personal and highly important data. Safety and reliability are our priority.

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Important decisions require an explanation. This explanation must be understandable, especially for the decision-maker. Many data science tools present an outcome or a solution, but the way in which the solution is achieved often remains a mystery. We believe that AI must be transparent. Trusting the answer is just as important as understanding the method. That is why we don’t only give you answers and insights, we also tell you how we got them.

Insights that are actually insightful

Insights and visualization go hand in hand. Our AI applications and projects can be developed as you envision them. We work with commonly used visualization tools and BI platforms, including Superset, Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau and Sisense.

Made to spec

We offer AI as you need it: as a platform, a tool, an add-on or temporary support.

As a supplier, we are technology agnostic. You determine how your data is brought to life. We have built platforms and tooling on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, using public, hybrid and private clouds, with Python as the basis.

Always one step ahead

By collaborating with universities and knowledge institutions, we are always able to apply the latest developments. We use state-of-the-art techniques, such as deep learning and gradient boosting.

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In a world that runs on data, reliability and structure are crucial. Visma Connect is the main supplier of tools, taxonomies and expertise for information and data exchange. Find out how you can get better and faster insights from your data. Use the button below or call and ask for Roelof Kuijpers.

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