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Fast and reliable

No sector has changed as quickly and drastically as the financial sector. Challenger and digital-only banks are growing by 100,000 customers per week. Large technology companies are expanding their offerings for financial services. Almost every day, there is a new fintech player with its eyes set on a piece of the market. Supervisory authorities and legislators are setting stricter requirements for compliance and transparency, forcing banks to share data through regulations like PSD2.

The future of the sector may seem unclear, but one thing is certain: industry players must let go of their legacy applications, focus on product innovation and put the customer fir

With our solutions, banks can focus on their customers instead of their infrastructure. Fintech players can work faster and more effectively with their partners. Companies can rest assured that their payment transactions are in safe hands.

We offer several solutions under one roof. Seamless connectivity for companies that want to connect with banks for payment initiation and reporting, a managed SWIFT gateway, PS2D connectivity for license-holding parties, and modules for anti-financial crime. It’s your one-stop-shop to migrate to the new world of payments.

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Who is this for?

  • Small to mid-sized banks
  • Fintech and Financial startups
  • Companies with automated payroll administration
  • Companies that make large amounts of payments
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Payment Processors

Visma Connect Payment Platform

The Visma Connect platform runs on Tier IV equivalent data centers and is based on IBM's market-leading payment platform, FTM. It is fully compliant and always available.


  • Launch new payment services faster
  • Seamless connection with banks, fintech services, clearing and settlement providers, the European Central Bank (TIPS, TARGET 2)
  • Cost-effective and pay-as-you-grow
  • Outstanding performance, safe, compliant and always available

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the only SWIFT service provider in the Netherlands and is SIP-certified. Our portal is fully compliant with SWIFT CPS and GDPR, among other regulations. We launched our SaaS-based Critical Payments Solutions in 2018 and have extensive experience in this field, offering the convenience of a managed service with airtight security.