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Visma Connect's critical payments solutions

No sector is changing as quickly and drastically as the financial services sector. Customers become ever more demanding, regulations ever more complex and technological developments accelerate at an ever faster pace. In this climate, banks have to do more for less, still meet all legal requirements an can't afford not to be compliant.

SWIFTNet connectivity is indispensable for financial institutions, but managing SWIFTNet connectivity internally is becoming increasingly time-consuming and expensive and on top of this the following developments:

  • ESMIG: the new gateway for the ECB Target services;
  • The upcoming SWIFT ISO 20022 migration;
  • Increasingly strict security requirements(CSP).

Will absorb even more precious time and attention. Time and attention that could have gone to clients and innovation.

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Critical Payments Solutions

Who is this for?

  • Small to mid-sized banks
  • Companies that make large amounts of payments
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Payment Processors

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the only SWIFT service provider in the Netherlands and is SIP-certified.

Contact us

Agility and product innovation are the future of financial services. Choose a partner with a track record in secure payment processing. Use the contact button below or call us and ask for Steven Schouten or Marnix Harbers.

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