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Corporate Payments and Reporting

Smarter, secure and real-time

Payments and account reporting are extremely critical for any business. These processes need to be highly accurate and secure, but often involve manual steps that are prone to error. With the Visma Corporate Payments and Reporting Service, customers can integrate their applications directly and securely with their bank accounts. Whether you use it for automated reconciliation, regular payments or salary payments, the service connects directly with your bank, using either files or APIs.

The Visma Corporate Payments and Reporting Service enables large corporates and service providers, like accounting, pension administration, bookkeeping and expense management vendors, to seamlessly connect to banks for both payment initiation, and the retrieval of account statements and reports. The service is fully automated, eliminating costly and taxing manual steps. Through our real-time APIs and optional GUI, the controller always has up to date information on the status and full control over transactions, as well as a safe and efficient way to import account statements.

The service uses a direct and secure file-transfer connection, enabling companies to send and receive files to and from their banks.

The underlying technology behind our Corporate Payments and Reporting Service is also used for our PSD2 Connectivity and Processing Service. This means you get access to the latest real-time messaging technology. It gives you the benefits of PSD2. You can reach additional banks and access more payment products and services, such as Instant Payments, periodic payments and real-time account information. The service is fully compliant with the latest market regulations and industry standards, such as ISO20022.

Who is this for?

  • Corporates who want to optimize their payments and reporting flows
  • Accounting software providers who want to offer integrated solutions
  • Small to midsize banks who want to offer new channels to their customers
  • Salary and pension service providers



  • Fully automated, leading to more efficiency
  • No more manual intervention, leading to less errors
  • Fully encrypted and secure
  • Full control through APIs and our optional GUI
  • Compliant with the latest reporting regulations, easing administrative burdens


Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the only SWIFT service provider in the Netherlands and is SIP-certified. We launched our SaaS-based Critical Payments Solutions in 2018. This service includes SWIFTNet Connectivity and extensive integration options, including back-office payments processing for banks compliant with SEPA Instant Payments, Credit Transfer and Direct Debit, and PSD2 Payment Initiation Services. We also enable Account Information Services Processing and Bank-Connectivity for Third Party Providers.