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Lotta Hyperautomation: Work, reimagined

Say goodbye to tedious and repetitive tasks. Leverage new technologies to save time and focus on what makes work meaningful. From answering support questions to form registrations, all of this can be automated in an efficient way. Hyperautomation combines state of the art technologies like AI, machine learning, process automation and natural-language understanding in one package. Lotta, our Hyperautomation solution, enables humans and technology to work together effortlessly.

Our proven and comprehensive technologies work together in perfect harmony, and have top industry experts behind them. We can guarantee easy cooperation, fast deployment and better results.

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A complete automation suite

Our hyperautomation suite comes with the following components:

  1. A chat tool: a customisable interface where you or your customers can interact with the back-end systems or live agents. For example, to ask sales-related questions or request support.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Using AI, Lotta understands natural language and context with high accuracy, and can interact with your customers using any channel. The average employee spends several hours per day looking for information. With text classification (a subset of Natural Language Processing), you can automate much of this work. For instance, instead of relying on humans to classify support requests, you can leverage text classification to sort the request and route it to the right person or even provide an answer automatically. The solution can also be used for highly specific and complex questions. Teaching it with your own data is fast, and it continually improves as more data is available.
  3. Robotic process automation (RPA): leaving routines and other labor-intensive tasks to automation frees up time for your employees to focus on things that benefit from a human touch.

RPA can also be used to significantly increase the frequency and scale of data processing, so instead of doing a task a few times a month, you can choose to have it done daily. Combine RPA with Lotta Hyperautomation’s AI capabilities, and you can be sure there is a true understanding behind the automation to ensure exactly the right things get done. 

Besides a back-end integration, Lotta Hyperautomation provides a front-end integration for applications that don’t have an API. A big benefit of this front-end integration is that you don’t have to change your underlying IT infrastructure: you simply add Lotta Hyperautomation to your platform. 

Who is this for?

Lotta Hyperautomation is designed for an easy and dependable integration into any business process. It is particularly interesting for organisations that handle large volumes of requests or those looking to automate processes where there is currently a lot of manual tasks involved.


  • Embrace automation and be part of the new world of work.
  • Start automating manual tasks to drive efficiency.
  • Minimise the chance for human error with state-of-the-art technology that augments employee productivity.

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