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Hyperautomation in logistics

Organisations in logistics have to handle increasingly large amounts of information. The demand for third-party logistics vendors is booming, especially with online shopping becoming the norm. This results in a higher workload and more complexity for organisations. Customers expect you to provide 24/7 support.

With Hyperautomation, you can be “always on” without putting a strain on physical employees. Response times are immediate. You can streamline your processes and empower your staff to focus on fulfilling, rather than repetitive, tasks.

How can you apply hyperautomation?

Automating email communications and notifications: use a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to automate shipment and order-related information sent internally or to customers.

Automate order processing: use Robotic Process Automation to automatically classify an order and input it into your portal. You can also leverage automation to route orders to the right department and assess the settings or requirements that are needed to process them.

Automating invoice processing: use Robotic Process Automation to automate invoice processing. Once the order status is updated, the system can send the invoice to the relevant customer.

Customer support: leverage a chatbot to process repeatable support requests, such as inquiries about the state of a particular freight, shipment or package.

Start small and expand

Our solution has a low entry barrier. You can start small, using specific components in our suite, and expand as opportunities arise. Most customers start with one use case and scale quickly after that.

Because our solutions are delivered as an add-on, you don’t have to deal with complex integration projects. They work on top of what you already have.

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