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Enabling connectivity in the digital economy

Today’s world is teeming with data. Organisations need to connect their own systems (internally) in order to work efficiently. At the same time, they need to integrate with others in their ecosystem. Often, they are seeking to exchange information or open up their applications for partners to gain access. It’s not unusual for organisations to run into complexity and hurdles when they try to do this. In most cases, they only have to do this once, so they don’t have specialist teams in-house.


Handling the maintenance is challenging, when you don’t have experts on board. As circumstances change, problems might arise. Undergoing such a project without knowledge of ever-evolving standards is also difficult, not to mention risky. Opening up your systems always comes with security concerns. We help you connect in a safe way and monitor integrations for you, helping you prevent issues from the start.

Visma Connect is the specialist in secure information exchange. If you’re looking to integrate systems to participate in today’s economy and society, you’ve come to the right place.

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Four Main offerings

Our Integration Services come in different shapes and flavors, suited for different needs. We have four main offerings:


Managed Integrations

Managed Integrations: work with us throughout the integration’s lifecycle. We help you establish requirements, design and develop the integration, host it, monitor it and proactively maintain it.

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IPaaS Integrations platform as a service

Integrations platform as a service (IPaaS): are you looking to set up integrations safely and quickly yourself to enable others to connect to your systems? We are a reseller of Frends, a lean, low-code, and intuitive platform that is ideal to launch integrations with a faster time to market. If you need assistance or consulting advice, we offer implementation services to help you every step of the way.

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Integration Services Team

Integration Services Team: a dedicated team that specialises in connecting all our enterprise customers to integration solutions. It’s a one-stop-shop: we help you deal with certificates, security and authorisation issues, and guide you through best practices. We can manage large roll outs and migrations and help hundreds of organisations successfully connect to other systems.

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API Management

API Management: essential for organisations that want to connect systems to cloud-based software, our API management solution covers the full API lifecycle. We create, manage and monitor APIs, and offer a developer portal for your customers.

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Contact us

Sharing information and facilitating connectivity in a secure way is more important than ever before. Contact us today and learn about the possibilities offered by better integration. Use the contact button below or call us and ask for Nando Houthoff.

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