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Today, more and more businesses need to connect their internal systems with external parties in a secure and structured way. Payments processing systems need to connect to individual banks. Insurance companies need a safe way to gather patient records. Supply chain organizations need to connect with customers and suppliers. To connect these dots, you need the right building blocks.

Adapters enable system to system connectivity, typically between external and internal applications. They can be seen as the glue that holds different IT systems together.

How do they work?

They type of adapter and its functionality is dependent on the type of connectivity the customer needs. We offer two different types of adapters:

  • B2B Gateway: a system that enables information exchange across trading partners.
  • API Gateway: a system that enables you to create and publish web APIs with the right usage policies, access control, and performance reporting.

Each of these comes with different security protocols which include:

  • Proxies
  • XML Gateways
  • Web Gateways

How are they delivered?

Typically, we host our Adapter solutions on the cloud, but they can also be offered on-premise depending on the customer’s needs.


Why divert internal resources to develop integrations when you can benefit from an existing talent pool of middleware specialists? Rely on our knowledge and security expertise to make sure your data flows are secure and reliable. Speed up time to market and rely on our ongoing support for the maintenance you need.

Read an interview with our customer Visma | Raet to find out how we helped them expand their HR system’s integration portfolio and offer a seamless experience to customers. All in record time.

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