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Enterprise Applications Integrations

While Adapters focus on connecting internal systems with external ones, Enterprise Applications Integrations, or EAI for short, provide connectivity for systems used within an organization. This type of middleware is often used to facilitate data transfer between legacy systems and their newer counterparts. EAI can be used for several purposes, including:

  • Data integration: ensuring information in multiple systems is kept consistent.
  • Implementing business rules across systems: extracting business rules or policies and implementing them across applications
  • Providing a single interface for a cluster of applications: making it easier on the user, who does not have to learn to use different UIs but can access multiple applications from a single interface.

How are they delivered?

Typically, we host our EAI solutions on the cloud, but they can also be offered on-premise depending on the customer’s needs.


Why divert internal resources to develop integrations when you can benefit from an existing talent pool of middleware specialists? Rely on our knowledge and security expertise to make sure your data flows are secure and reliable. Speed up time to market and rely on our ongoing support for the maintenance you need.

Read our blog to find out how we tackle the challenge of technology integration for our customers.

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