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Fast and secure information exchange for the digital age

Businesses and public institutions transfer vast amounts of documents on a daily basis. Protecting the integrity of these transfers is crucial. As a patient, you don’t want your healthcare records to end up in the wrong hands. As a business, you don’t want your tax reports to get lost. As a customs authority, you want to ensure declarations are safeguarded. In the past, people used systems like certified mail to ensure these types of information transfers were handled securely. Today, most rely on digital systems like email to send information in a faster way. Qualified messaging combines the speed of email delivery with the security of certified mail.

Used for systems like the Dutch Single Window for Maritime and Air and Standard Business Reporting, qualified messaging is a secure and reliable means to exchange information between parties, which is ideal for today’s digital age.

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Who is this for?

  • Government authorities like tax and customs offices;
  • Healthcare providers looking to exchange patient information securely;
  • Businesses that want to transfer and sign contracts remotely;
  • Logistics and transport companies that want to send and receive sensitive information, such as cargo manifests.

Visma Connect’s Qualified Messaging Service

Our Qualified Messaging Service is made up of several building blocks that can be customised to fit your business process.

  • An audit trail provides information on the status of the message and when it is delivered.
  • Security is built in. All messages are encrypted. Only metadata gets stored, the message itself is only stored during transfer.
  • Our authentication and identification service ensures that only users that are authorized can interact with the system. The authentication process is compliant with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, which sets a framework for electronic identification. Government-issued identity certificates are also requested, depending on the use case.
  • Messages are validated against applicable standards to make sure the information being transferred is structured according to the expected format.


Benefit from speed, reliability and security for all sensitive document transfers. Stay in the know! With our service, you can trace the status of your message at every moment of the day. Our service desk can track down every single message among millions.

Why Visma Connect?

We don’t just sell software or consultancy hours. We also take part in the governance process, bringing different stakeholders in the messaging chain together. We are a complete intermediary for secure message exchange. When you work with us, we ensure the opinions of all relevant stakeholders are represented on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

The amount of messaging that we handle is also quite unique. We process over 200 million messages for the Netherlands’ Single Window for Air and Maritime information exchange. Since 2010, we also provide Standard Business Reporting services to the Dutch government. In 2018 alone, the Dutch government’s electronic post office processed 760,000 business-to-government annual fiscal reports, and 39 million messages in annual tax declarations and returns.

Contact us

Visma Connect is the main supplier of tools, taxonomies and expertise for information and data exchange. Learn today how you can safeguard your information transfers, while retaining reliability and speed. Use the button below or call and ask for Elsbeth Bodde.

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