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Visma Addo: quick, easy and secure digital signatures

Digitization has permeated every aspect of our lives. In the business domain, we are used to communicating and making purchases seamlessly online, but signing agreements often involves a lot of red tape. After all, how can you make sure an agreement signed with an electronic signature has the same legal validity as one that is signed with ink on paper? Visma Addo offers a quick, easy and secure way to sign documents electronically, with three different levels of trust.

Digital signatures have different legal standings depending on the country or region. In the European Union, the eIDAS regulation emerged to establish a consistent legal framework for electronic signatures. Article 25 of the eIDAS regulation contains a decisive ban on discrimination against agreements concluded digitally. In other words, as an enterprise or authority, you cannot refuse to accept or recognize contractual documents solely on the grounds that they are digitally signed. The regulation also specifies that Qualified Electronic Signatures (digital signatures) have the same legal effect as handwritten ones and are recognized as legally valid in EU member states.

Visma Addo offers Basic, Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures, which are suitable for different use cases depending on the required level of trust.

Types of Signatures

  • Basic: this is a standard electronic signature with the lowest level of legal validity, such as a scanned image placed on a document or a scribble on a touch screen. This type of signature is easy to use, as the receiver does not need access to an identification device. This lack of extra identification means it’s not recommended for highly sensitive documents. A common use case is an order confirmation receipt. Visma Addo offers additional assurance by providing an audit trail of the entire transaction. It also protects the document against tampering.
  • Advanced: this electronic signature is generated using cryptographic methods and includes an identity verification check, for instance through additional services like eHerkenning, iDIN, or advanced 2-factor authentication. This signature type has a higher level of legal validity. Use cases include work contracts, SIM card contracts, or contracts between businesses.
  • Qualified: a Qualified Electronic Signature is generated using the same technology as an Advanced electronic signature, but the signatory has to go through additional know-your-customer checks provided by a trusted service provider who is eIDAScertified. We work with Cleverbase for this purpose. Use cases for Qualified Electronic Signatures include house purchases, wills, debt and asset transfers, insurance policies, and other documents that require a signature by law. This type of signature cannot be repudiated. The burden of proof lies with the party that disputes the signature.

Who is this for?

  • Banks, insurance providers, and other financial institutions who want to make use of Qualified Electronic Signatures,
  • Companies who want a reliable and secure digital signature solution,
  • Government bodies,
  • Health care organisations.

How does it work?

With Visma Addo, you simply:

  1. Upload your file to get started.
  2. Select the signing method that is most appropriate for your use case. You can choose between touch screen, SMS codes, eHerkenning, iDIN, advanced 2-factor authentication, and Cleverbase among others. The signing method determines the signature type and its level of trust.
  3. Send the document to the recipient.

Additional steps are necessary if you choose the highest level of trust. Once the recipient signs,you will receive the signed document with a transaction log that provides an overview of all the activity surrounding the file.


  • Less paperwork and administrative burdens
  • More speed and convenience for both signatories
  • Safe and legally valid in the European Union

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the leader in secure and reliable information exchange, with many years of experience in the public sector. We have long been a trusted provider for large companies and governments, and have a unique understanding of the legalities and security requirements involved.

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