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Authorization registry

An authorization registry ensures that information can only be shared at the right time, with the right people. Put simply, it is an official record of authorizations used during data exchange. In the Netherlands, citizens rely on an authorization registry managed by Visma Connect to allow their chosen tax advisors to submit their tax declarations. A similar type of registry can be used by cargo companies to authorize transport partners or truck drivers to access specific information, or specific shipments. Authorization registries can also be valuable in the healthcare sector. The exchange of sensitive patient information is something that should be both secure and auditable in case of a dispute.

Besides facilitating secure data exchange, an authorization registry allows you to control the time frame in which the information is available, whether the authorization can be delegated, and the amount of information shared.

Tackle important questions, such as:

  • What data do I share?
  • With whom do I share this data?
  • Under what conditions do I share certain data?


How is this delivered?

The software can be delivered as a stand-alone service, or as part of our Qualified Messaging Services.


An authorization registry puts the data owner in control. It determines who has the right to access information. It also takes away the complexity of managing authorizations. Transparent and auditable logs enable service providers to see who accesses their data. The service is also standards-based to facilitate interoperability.


The Visma Connect authorization register meets the strict reliability, privacy and digital security requirements set by the iSHARE agreement framework and can now be used officially by parties who wish to share data via iSHARE.

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