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Smart Routing

From a business perspective, you want your messages to be handled differently depending on the type of message. Smart routing is a secure way to communicate using different forwarding rules, based on the content of the message. It’s a mechanism that ensures the message is delivered to the right recipient. Let’s consider an example. When a financial institution receives a mortgage request, they need to forward it to the risk analysis department and to the appraisals team. Smart routing can be applied to ensure different parts of the message are forwarded to the right stakeholders. You can add business rules and operations on the message pipeline to ensure each stakeholder in the message chain gets the information they need.

Besides ensuring information exchange across the enterprise, smart message routing can be applied for communication between organizations. A well-known application of smart message routing is a Single Window system. A single window is a single point of contact for border formalities. It allows cross-border businesses to submit regulatory documents, like customs declarations, import/export permits, certificates of origin, and passenger manifests, at a single location or entity. The use of smart message routing ensures that documents are forwarded to the right governing authority, in a secure and reliable way.

How is this delivered?

We offer a configurable, system to system interface for smart message routing. Connectors can be custom-made to ensure interoperability.


Our smart routing system is fast and always available. We can accept messages even when other systems are down. Transfers take place in seconds - this includes conversion, validation, and receipt confirmations. This form of content-based routing also submits relevant information to the right people in a standardised format.

For single window applications, this makes declarations easy for businesses and communication between government bodies more seamless. Businesses and governments alike can rely on us as a partner. We work with configurable, semantic standards.

Other benefits

  • Transfer validated messages only;
  • Preserve information integrity and distribute it reliably to different parties;
  • 0% message loss;
  • Buffering in case of downtime in user systems;
  • Transparent audit trail.

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