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Visma Addo: automate your Know Your Customer flows to streamline compliance

Customer identification and verification - Know Your Customer - are fundamental to protect a company from criminal activities. This is especially the case in the financial sector. Banks face hefty fines if they fail to carry out the appropriate due diligence on their customers. The consequences of financial crime are grave for individual citizens, and failing to prevent it takes a huge toll on a bank’s reputation. But it’s not just banks that need to worry about compliance. Insurance providers, global companies, and government institutions need to apply appropriate Know Your Customer checks in many situations too. The question is, how can they do so efficiently and with the minimum amount of friction for the parties involved?

Enter Visma Addo

Visma Addo, our digital signature solution, is equipped with a module that helps you develop a KYC questionnaire to perform compliance checks before you enter into a new agreement. The questionnaire can be customised to your needs. It is also dynamic, so you can ask different questions depending on the answers provided. Once your questions are defined, you can send it to the person or legal entity whose information you need to collect. The questionnaire is hosted on a secure and responsive website, so the recipient can respond to your questions from any device. For instance, they can take a picture of their ID on their mobile and upload it directly on the solution.
When the information is retrieved, you get notified. If it all checks out, you can generate an agreement with Visma Addo as well, and
send it to the persons responsible for signing. The signatories are notified automatically and a legitimation flow is triggered for each. The signing process itself is also optimized for all devices.

How does it work?

We work closely with your legal department to determine the type of information you need to collect before an agreement is signed. This information may vary depending on your organisation’s requirements or (local) compliance legislation.

Who is this for?

  • Banks, insurance providers, and other financial institutions who want to streamline compliance and make use of Qualified Digital Signatures,
  • Companies who want a reliable and secure KYC and digital signature solution,
  • Government bodies,
  • Health care organisations.


  • A more efficient compliance process
  • Less friction for you and your customers
  • Safe and legally valid digital signatures in the European Union

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the leader in secure and reliable information exchange, with many years of experience in the public sector. We have long been a trusted provider for large companies and governments, and have a unique understanding of the legalities and security requirements involved.

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