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Visma Connect Box: secure data handling and storage for government entities

Today, we find ourselves in a data paradox. On the one hand, most of us trade our private information to use free services. Companies are allowed to know everything about us: where we are, who we are with, and what we discuss. On the other hand, we are increasingly concerned about our privacy and want to know where our personal data is stored and who can access it.

Very few organizations store and manage more sensitive data than public ones. This data must be managed securely, especially with communication shifting from paper to digital channels. Public authorities need to rethink how they communicate in order to do so securely, while protecting confidentiality.

The convenience of a digital strategy

For government bodies, a digital strategy has major advantages. Citizens benefit from more speed and convenience, while public institutions can more easily and coherently access information. This improved accessibility results in faster collaboration with other public services, and more user-friendly communication between stakeholders.

Yet, communication from and between public institutions is almost always confidential. Tax returns, dispositions, dossiers - they all contain personal information that must be kept private. These types of files are often prepared for a specific purpose and addressed to a particular recipient.

Who is it for?

Municipalities, public organizations like water boards, housing associations, healthcare institutions, and all civil society organizations that want to communicate securely and interactively with citizens. You can use the Visma Connect Box to create online files, keep records, and make them accessible to the right people. You can also leverage it to send and receive valid, digitally-signed documents or verify information from other institutions.

Enter the Visma Connect Box

The Visma Connect Box offers government bodies the modern convenience of digital communication, combined with the security of a safe. Data must be shared to be valuable, but not all data should be open to everyone. The Visma Connect Box is the place where important information and communication is stored, shared and verified by and only with those parties who are entitled to it.

The box is especially suitable for handling and processing permit applications and objections, verifying information from authorities, and providing legally-binding digital signatures for documents.


Visma Connect understands Dutch and European privacy and security standards and manages digital systems for government bodies. That is why we can quickly and securely integrate the Box with your existing technology stack. Forget long IT implementations, and benefit from quick, easy-to-use and secure communication between citizens and public authorities.

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is the leader in secure and reliable information exchange, with many years of experience in the public sector. We built the Netherlands Single Window for Air and Maritime transport and provide the technology behind the Dutch government’s Message Box App.

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