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Interfacing Services

An Accessible Path to SBR

Standard Business Reporting is commonly implemented using a system-to-system interface. Every XBRL instance is sent from one system to another, without human intervention. Some organisations may not have the systems in place to go for this option. Our Interfacing Services offer a means for these organisations to benefit from SBR.

How is this delivered?

We create input forms based on a taxonomy. All fields and business rules are translated into a web form that can be used to create and send the XBRL instance. The Dutch chamber of commerce, for example, provides a form on their website for smaller companies who don’t have software to create and submit their reports directly. This form was developed and is continuously maintained by Visma Connect.

The form can be delivered on its own, or as part of our SBR proposition.

Who is this for?

  • Government institutions that are implementing SBR;
  • Financial institutions like banks, insurance companies and treasury companies;
  • Intermediaries, such as accountants and tax specialists who submit client reports to government bodies;
  • Companies that submit reports to the authorities and among themselves.


  • Enables companies without system-to-system connectivity to make use of SBR;
  • Makes it easier for government authorities to make Standard Business Reporting mandatory, as there are no additional connectivity costs and interfacing requirements for users.

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