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Trusted Information Provider

From data to information

Information only comes to life when it is shared. For some, information is a burden. For smart companies, it’s an opportunity. Governments, banks, regulators, Chambers of Commerce, authorities and organizations across industries need information to operate. This information must be delivered in good order and using a trusted channel. Strict requirements are set to govern the form, content and reliability of this information. The recipient must be absolutely sure who the sender is and the sender must know that the information has arrived securely. Both parties must be certain that the information is reliable, accurate and supplied in a format that the recipient can use and process. That's what a trusted information provider does.

Who is this for?

  • Companies with different branches or branches in different countries
  • Supervisors who are accountable for a specific branch
  • Governments, independent administrative bodies and implementing bodies
  • Companies that share a supply chain
  • Companies that want to share their financial reports and make them clear and understandable
  • Pension funds and other organizations with a large number of stakeholders who must share important information without errors
  • Professionals that must have access to official data, such as public notaries and lawyers

Visma Connect Business Reporting

Years of experience in the field of business reporting make Visma Connect a true specialist. Visma Connect works on all aspects of business reporting:

  • The form and structure: Visma Connect develops and manages taxonomies for the electronic exchange of (internal) reports, financial statements, supply & process chain information and customs information
  • The infrastructure: Visma Connect builds portals for organizations to receive, process and distribute information in a secure way


  • Safe and compliant
  • Fast and reliable information exchange
  • Structured data
  • A one-stop-shop
  • Less administrative burdens

Why Visma Connect?

Visma Connect is second to none in the field. We have long been a trusted provider for large companies and governments looking for safe and reliable information exchange.

Contact us

In a world that runs on data, reliable and structured information is critical. Visma Connect is the foremost supplier of tools, taxonomies and expertise for information and data exchange. Find out how you can get better and faster insights from your data. Call us at 088-1161800 and ask for Stephan van der Kruk, or send us an email.