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Visma Connect on track for SWIFT SIP Certification

SIP Certification

Visma Connect is pleased to announce that it is on track to complete its Certification for the Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP) 2018 by October. The SIP is part of the recent Customer Security Program, with which SWIFT improves and reinforces its network security measures. This certificate justifies the confidence of current and future customers in the security and resilience of Visma Connect SWIFT Service Bureau.

The SIP defines operational standards for third-party service bureaux offering SWIFT connectivity, ensuring maximum quality, security and reliability. EBPI SWIFT Service Bureau commits to ensure compliance with SWIFT security measures at all time.

Meeting Requirements

‘With the SIP Certificate we meet all legal, financial and operational requirements and are fully compliant with SWIFTs criteria and regulations. This ensures that we provide customers such as banks, corporates and governments with secure, qualified and reliable SWIFT network connectivity,’ says Marnix Harbers, Tribe Lead Payments of EBPI.

Continued assurance of maximum quality, security and reliability

The CSP was designed and implemented after instances of high impact fraud in local environments of SWIFT’s clients. As SWIFT is committed to reinforce and safeguard the security of its services, it launched the CSP in 2016. This ongoing program aims to improve information sharing throughout the community (SWIFT Information Sharing and Analysis Centre), enhance SWIFT-related tools for customers (Real Time Payments Controls, Daily Validation Reports) and provide an enhanced customer security control framework.

Implementation in 2018

As of January 2018 inspections and enforcement are in place. The deadline for the implementation of CSP has been set for end of 2018; the enhanced CSP for 2019 was recently published.

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