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Join us at XBRL Europe’s Online Conference

Learn about the state of ESG reporting

Join Visma Connect at XBRL Europe’s Digital Week, taking place on June 15-18, 2020. The conference has gone virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions. Although the event is typically reserved for members, this edition will be free and open to everyone. Registration is open until June 10, 2020. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about the latest XBRL use cases and the state of Standard Business Reporting and ESG reporting. 

Join our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Track on Wednesday, June 17.

René van der Meij, Visma Connect’s SBR Tribelead and co-chair of XBRL Europe’s ESG working group, will lead a track on Environmental, Social and Governance reporting with Matthieu Garat, Senior Product Manager at Labrador Company and member of XBRL France. The track will delve into the current state of ESG reporting.

Companies, governments and individuals share a common responsibility to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Social disclosure is paramount to achieve this, and becoming more urgent from a business and branding perspective. However, ESG reporting is still in its infancy for most companies. Unlike financial information, ESG reporting data is often not stored and organised in a systematic way, since reporting requirements are not standardised. This lack of standardisation and ambiguous definitions make it very hard to benchmark and quantify the progress that companies make, let alone benchmark different organisations against each other or even how the same company performs year-on-year. This is seriously hurting disclosure efforts and it hinders progress on sustainability. At this moment, many standards are evolving focusing on ESG disclosure requirements. In the sessions, we will provide an overview of  standards in ESG reporting. We will also discuss the need to bring them together using XBRL taxonomies, which enhance the comparability of reports and provide benchmarking possibilities.

A pioneer in the field

Visma Connect is the world’s foremost supplier of taxonomies and reporting portals, and a leader in the design and implementation of Standard Business Reporting. Today, we see the need for an SBR approach to ESG reporting as well. We believe the way forward is to build lasting ecosystems where the right information gets shared with the right parties in a secure and trusted way.

Learn more on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 – 14:00 CET. Register for XBRL Europe’s event today.

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